Kasey Kahne surprises hospitals smallest patients

Kasey Kahne surprises hospitals smallest patients

By Katie Rains

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – Patients at Hemby Children’s Hospital got a surprise Wednesday when NASCAR Driver Kasey Kahne dropped by for a visit bearing gifts.

smallest-patients-visit-insert2Each child he saw got a diecast car and a t-shirt. Kahne says he likes to make these visits because it gives the children something different to do during their stay and “hopefully makes their days a touch better.”

November 5 was Kasey Kahne’s first visit to the Hemby Children’s Hospital. Kahne toured the facilities to see what was new and planned for the hospitals smallest patients, including shooting some hoops in the teen hangout room.

He visited patients ranging in age from infants to teenagers. One of those teens, Emilee, said her brother, a NASCAR fan, would be jealous that he missed out on the Kasey Kahne visit, but said it was nice to have surprise visitors to break up the long days.

Ja’Leyah, one of the infants, didn’t seem sure about someone coming into the room and distracting her from “Blue’s Clues,” but was pushing the car around with her little hands when the cameras left. Kahne says that’s why he does it, and “The best part is to go whether they know you or not, watch racing or not, it puts a smile on their face.”

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