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Thank you for your interest in Kasey Kahne Racing and The Kasey Kahne Foundation.

Your question may be answered in our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Due to the volume of emails we receive, if your question is answered in the FAQ, we may be unable to provide a personal response.

1. What is Kasey Kahne’s autograph policy?
Due to the overwhelming number of inquiries we receive, we are not able to accept autograph requests or items to be signed at this time. We respectfully ask that you please do not send requests or items to Kasey Kahne Racing, the Kasey Kahne Foundation or Hendrick Motorsports.

Please visit Kasey’s website at and/or Kasey’s official Facebook page at to see Kasey’s appearance schedule where you could have a chance to meet him and potentially receive an autograph.

The Kasey Kahne Store also offers autographed items for purchase at , 265 Cayuga Drive, Mooresville NC 28117 (704)662-8549 and 1325 Cole Street, Enumclaw WA 98022 (360)625-8649.

If you have sent an item to be autographed prior to April 1, 2014, the request will be fulfilled however please note it could take up to 1 year to get it signed and mailed back to you.

2. How do I find out appearance information for my area or race I will be attending?
Any appearance info for Kasey is available online at or follow @KKRTeam on Twitter.

3. Does Kasey Kahne Racing offer shop tours?
The Kasey Kahne Store in Mooresville, NC is open Monday-Friday from 11a-3p and you are able to view the shop area from the store. We offer shop tours at Kasey Kahne Racing several times per year through special Store/Foundation events.

4. Is Kasey Kahne Racing or the Kasey Kahne Foundation hiring?
There are currently no open positions at Kasey Kahne Racing or the Kasey Kahne Foundation. If any positions become available, job descriptions and information on how to apply may be listed in the news section of

5. Does Kasey Kahne Racing provide for racing sponsorships?
At this time, we are fully committed to the teams and drivers at Kasey Kahne Racing. Therefore, we are unable to review or support any sponsorship proposals received from other teams or aspiring drivers.

6. Is there a Fan Club for Kasey Kahne?
We are currently looking into ways to improve the fan experience with Kasey and are not currently accepting renewals or new memberships to Klub Kahne. Stay tuned for some new ideas.

7. Does Kasey Kahne grant requests to meet children or adults with life-threatening illnesses?
Yes. The Kasey Kahne Foundation accommodates as many wish requests as possible. There are a handful of steps involved in processing the requests. Your request should be faxed to the foundation at (704) 662-8576 on letterhead from an official wish or dream granting organization. It is important to note that due to the logistics involved, at-track wishes are only granted through select wish granting organizations.

8. Does Kasey Kahne call, write or visit individuals?
Due to the travel and sponsor demands of his schedule, Kasey is not able to call, write or visit individuals.

9. What is the mission of the Kasey Kahne Foundation?
The Kasey Kahne Foundation is committed to raising awareness and funds for charities supporting chronically ill children and their families. The KKF also strives to empower youth and inspire their future through education by donating to programs dedicated to fulfilling children’s needs for success.

10. What charities do you support?
We currently support the Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte, Friends of the NASCAR Hall of Fame, Boys & Girls Club of King County, WA and the Make-A-Wish Foundation as our partner programs.

11. Do you accept proposals for funding from other charities?
We are not accepting unsolicited proposals at this time.

12. Do you provide grants to individuals?
No, unfortunately, the foundation is structured to limit grants directly to individuals or families.

13. Does the Foundation donate autographed items for charity events?
Unfortunately we no longer offer an autographed item request program.

14. Does Kasey Kahne make personal appearances on behalf of charities?
Due to the overwhelming number of requests, Kasey Kahne’s charitable appearances are limited to events that benefit the Kasey Kahne Foundation and our partner programs.

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